Start the process from completed steps if any system exception occrred

Hi Guys
I have business scenario where my bot will perform more than 200 of click ,type into , open browser etc activities and I have business requirement where business want to restart the process from completed task if any system exception occurred.
For example if I have ran the bot and in 105 steps bot get fail due to system exception due to some ui element not found when the bot retry the transection
bot need to start the process from 106 to till finish if all goes good.
Need your help and expertise to complete this task.
I heard about set transection progress activity to accomplish this requirement
but I do not know how to use that

you can set the progress stage for a queue item using “Set Transaction Progress” activity, and while retrying you can check the status and accordingly switch the flow of the process.

Also you can check if the system error can be fixed at that stage by doing some task(restarting browser/app, etc) and for this you can give a try to Global Exception Handler, at time of error the process flow will go to global exception handler → perform the required task to make the system ready to continue and in there opt for retry → this will retry the activity that is failed (you can also have an alternative way to do it and then confirm if that work and then opt for ignore/continue.

Hope this helps!

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Can you please give example flow and how to check set progress value

Set the queue to auto retry. Then it automatically retries any item that is marked failed/application.

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Can you please help me about my main post

I just did. Set the queue to auto retry.

But i need to run the process from middle depend upon the situation

Then you’ll need to do that with your flow/logic. Nothing in UiPath will do that automatically.

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Yes i understand but can please give brief understanding of set transection progress

Sorry for the late reply.

Here is a demo workflow i created quickly, hope this helps

Retry logic can be as per your need, but in the workflow the second stage sequence shows the manipulation to be done for getting the progress set for that queue item

Then in case of exception, we can refresh the application and use the same queue item (or we can record the reference and then get the queue item again by mentioning the recorded reference), from that queue item we can get the progress and switch the flow accordingly.

Let us know where you get stuck after this/anything you did not get (3.8 KB)