Start the bot when 'Submit' button is clicked in a web form

I am new to UIPath. I want to start the bot sequence when a ‘submit’ button is clicked in a web form so that I can save the values of different input fields from the form and save it in a variable and later use it to fill in another form.

Can anyone please tell me the way to achieve this - start the bot when a button is clicked in the web form. Thanks

Can you use the element exist activity, also image exist, if the imagen existe then wait until it disappear, if you’re using the modern experience please try with check app state


@harmeet_kaur You can use on click element which is a user events (something called triggers). Once the user clicks on the submit button the event triggers and can perform the related actions (Extracting data)


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Have a view on this event triggers with CLICK TRIGGER

Cheers @harmeet_kaur