Working with triggers

I have observed there are many triggers available like click,key press etc. My question is if there is any trigger activity that accepts input from another application. i.e a trigger that is activated by another application to which UIPath responds.

Absolutely please see the attached example which was sent to me by @TejusVenkatesh from UiPath - this has examples of handling user events. You can for example wait for someone to click the start button or a button within an application. Furthermore, you can add validation to forms by blocking the progress before you have checked the values that have been entered. (7.1 KB)

There should be a tutorial if you search the videos.


Thank you ! It was of help!

Actually we have a few events specifically for responding to applications state change: Find Element, for example, waits for a specific element to appear, and when it does, it triggers the rest of the actions.

There are other activities that you might find useful, you cand find them in the sidebar on that link.

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could any one please confirm click trigger activity is used only for monitoring purpose ?

suppose after adding a click trigger activity in monitoring events if i am click on 10 item…this will keep record in log file.

i didn’t understand the concept of click trigger and all rigger activity. can anyone tell me in detail ?

Thanks in advance

If you hover over the activities you will see that they are only available inside of Monitoring Activities. Easiest way to start is to use the template that is provided when you begin a new project.

Click trigger identifies when an element has been clicked and you can perform an action as a result. There are no default logs so you would have to add a log activity to indicate that this action has indeed been undertaken.

Hope that helps.