How to trigger bot when someone visits my site


We need a bot which should respond to user once user logs in and comes to the landing page
How can I do this



I don’t know if detecting when a user logs in is possible with UiPath. You can do this in a few ways maybe:

— With an admin account and a Powershell script you can see users over the network if they are active. So, you could execute the script from UiPath then wait for information that says the user is active, which then Starts another Job (using Start Job activity or Powershell/commandline over the network) that is performed using that user id and waits until the Element exists of that website to perform other actions.

— Add a commandline script that starts the UiPath Job to the Startup Jobs for that computer. The UiPath job will wait until the Element Exists of the website to perform other actions. EDIT: The job will run on startup for that user, which IT uses all the time to run certain scripts.

Also, if the user is using a stationary computer that stays connected, you could just have the job running nonstop, so when the user logs in it enters the session that was already running the job.

There are probably more ideas out there, though.

Thanks Clayton.

When user login to the site, I assume there will be a db call or web service call or function call. Can we use this to trigger a bot

You can try with the Monitor Events activity and a Click Trigger on the submit button for the login page. Also, it’s a good practice to put also a Key Press Trigger for the key, as the user can submit the form by pressing . The activities in the Event handler part are executed when the monitored event(s) is/are triggered.

You can also check this thread about monitor events.

@Silviu brings up a good point about using the Monitor Event Triggers.

The problem is a UiPath job needs to be running on the user’s computer, right? Or are you trying to run the job on a different computer and just detect when a user uses the website?

I wish I could help you if there was a way to see the function call by the website; I’m just not that familiar with doing that. But, if you are wanting to perform the actions on the user’s computer then you can use Monitor Events, while a job is running though.


If you have control over the website, you can call the Orchestrator API from the landing page (Javascript or Server Side) and Start the job on that machine provided you have Orchestrator and Unattended Bot.!/Jobs/Jobs_StartJobs

Yes, we have the access to the website.

But customer yet to buy orchestrator. Can we call the robot without orchestrator

No, you can’t call the Robot without Orchestrator.

But you can have a Robot always running and monitoring a folder / an action that will trigger the response to user.