Start process of my own the python application

I builded the Python Application from PyInstaller to exe file. All is good if I start manually the application or start it from bat file or command line etc. Unfortunately when I use UiPath Activities like Use Application, Invoke Power Shell or Start Process, then the Windows popup return me error that not found exe file although it using the same files and paths. Any ideas…?

Hi @pikut

Please check on this

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My Python Application it is exe file, not script in *py file.

OMG. When The UiPath run the Python App builded from PyInstaller, expects absolute path to resources. I must edit my script and assign os.path.abspath(“.”) as prefix to value with path to resources.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. When the UiPath run the application, then it assign the UiPath project path to os.path.abspath(“.”), not where is exe file…

In my case, I had to add WorkingDirectory for python exe file path in Properties of Start Process Activity.

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