Run Python Script

I have written a simple python script to convert a json file to excel. I tried running it using ‘Run Python Script’ activity. The program runs without any error but the excel file is not created. Please help.

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There are two options to do this
Either we can use python activities like install uipath.python.activities in manage packages option in the design tab in studio
Once after installing use RUN PYTHON SCRIPT activity inside a PYTHON SCOPE ACTIVITY


We can use a .bat file to execute
“Your python.exe file path” “your main.xaml file path”

Use a notepad and mention the above expression and save as .bat file

Then use START PROCESS activity and mention that .bat file path as input
This will execute that file and creates the file

Ensure that the file path mentioned in the python script is correct and we are checking with correct filepath as well

Cheers @tara017

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If it is creating the file when you run the code manually, please provide the full path of where the excel file has to be created so that it will create the one in that particular folder @tara017 .,

Check the folder where python code is placed. I hope the excel will be created in that location

Guys,Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile: