Start Process doesn't work correctly with my exe

I created a python script and converted it to an .exe. If I click on the exe it works correctly and creates a .csv file on my desktop. If I try to start the .exe with “Start Process” it technically starts but the .csv file is not created.

can you create a .bat file that calls the python script

then in start process activity, start the .bat file

Hi @pascal.casiddu

You have to pass the python.exe(Full path) in the field where you passed the .py file. And the .py file needs to be moved to the Arguments field. that should solve


This .bat file works if i click it manually, the .csv is created. But the same thing again, “Start Process” starts the .bat but no .csv on my desktop.

This is what I tried, it seems to start python and tries to run the .py file but nothing happens, no .csv gets created.

can you add a “cmk /k” into the .bat file

this way the command line wont close after running and you can see if theres any errors etc

Thank you, it works now!

The exact problem was that the .py file can open files withing its directory. The solution was in my Python script, I just had to specify every directory.

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