Start an activity after the Macro has finished


i want to format and then upload files into a system in a company with a macro, but to format the second file, the upload with the macro should be finished.

How can i program this into my code?

i didnt get this buddy
kindly elaborate a bit more on this pls
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i have three files and i have to format the first file and upload it with a macro into a server from the company. So the second file only can start to format if the first one i done uploading. And the same process of uploading can begin again.

i hope you can understand me :slight_smile:

Fine is that server implies your machine where you are executing this process or some other server

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the process is executing on my computer. In the system i just have to be logged in and the macro then uploads the file into the system.

so after processing the first file use PATH EXISTS activty and mention the file path of the first file and get the output with a variable of type boolean named bool_fileexists
–this will let us know whether the file is there or not
–then use IF condition likethis
bool_fileexists = True
if true it will go to THEN part where we can use the next set of activities and if that is false then it will go to ELSE part where first use a DELAY with time around 00:00:30 or any time you want that you feel approximate…then followed by this place the set of activities you want that will process the second macro

hope this would help you
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Unfortunatly I have another problem regarding UiPath. I saved last week my project and now if I want to start it, the error “ opening workbook. Make sure Excel
is installed”. But I already have excel installed. I looked in the forum for solutions, but if I try to change the activities to workbook activities or to change the key value in my control panel for excel but this didn’t helped either or I couldn´t do it.

I hope that somehow you can help me with my problem.

Thanks! mcLauge

This would actually work
like using WORKBOOK ACTIVITIES instead of excel activity can solve this
reinstall the excel package in the UiPath studio within Design tab → Manage packages → Project dependencies → uninstall and again install the excel package

Cheers @mcLauge