How to stop UiPath during Macro execution

Hello everyone!

I have three files and I have to format the first file and upload the file to a server with a macro. After the upload I have to format the second file and upload it with a macro…same with the third one.
But I want that UiPath stop the process during the file upload because otherwise the server would be overload. Is there any way to do this? :thinking::roll_eyes:


you can use DELAY activity with some timestamp around 00:00:30 seconds or whatever timestamp we want thatt would put the process on hold meanwhile we can upload it

Cheers @Loons

I thought of that too but the upload time is always completely different.


can you split the single Macro file in to three Modules in VB itself.

then try to exccute…

Exccute Macro


Execute Macro


Execute Macro


Can you explain it further please?
I can’t change anything in the macro.