How to use activity execute macro and then the macro shows message box yes or no question


the robot cannot continue after open the macro file excel.

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could you please attach your macro so we could either run or see file?



So, while i open the file and execute macro, the message box open to click yes or no, i want to automate click yes or no via Uipath, how?

You can use the Parallel activity.

Separate the Excel Scope into one workflow and the code to click Yes or No in a second workflow. In your main workflow, use a Parallel activity, with two Invoke workflow activities to run the workflows previously created. Make sure that the property Isolated is checked in both Invoke Workflow activities.

can you give example of picture? i’m beginner

See my post in the thread below. The it’s shows a Custom Input Form that blocks the workflow but the user wanted to maximize the window. So we created a two workflows, one to show the Custom Input and one to maximize the Custom Input window. Then we used a Parallel activity to run them in parallel.

Now i’ve got what you mean, this is works for me.

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