Execute Macro Activity is waiting forever

Hi everyone,

When I use Execute Macro activity in my own macro excel, the activity runs the macro as I want. However, the process can not pass to the next step. Execute Macro waits forever without error or warning message. When I researched, people generally got an error, but mine get stuck. Unfortunately, when there is no timeout in the output parameters of the activity, I don’t have a chance to get error after a certain period of time.

I’m waiting your helps.

maybe you will try mark ‘ContinueOnError’ as true or false and after that check the output ?

Hi @merveb

Do you have any loop (like while,for) in your macro?



We might use parallel activity to force timeout, as the following.



Yes I tried this. But I could not check output because of Execute Macro activity still got stuck.


No I haven’t.

IME using macro activity, the issue is probably with the macro itself. What is the macro doing: trying to open a file? Updating formulas or a query? Or maybe just stuck in a loop. UIPath won’t move on until macro finishes or errors out, if macro is still running, UIPath will stay on that activity.