Stamp Detection in Uipath

We have some POD’s (Proof of Deliveries)with US in PDF form which manually manually clicked by mobile cameras and then converted to PDF and then the guy uploads them to our portal.

So the requirement is to check the Stamp on each PDF, where the stamp is not constant it keeps on changing and rotating as well. Sometimes while clicking the photo the stamp itself is not very clearly visible. Sometimes there are hand written signatures on Stamps also.

Is there any kind of object detection tool in UiPath by which we can detect stamps in PDF’s ?

Some examples are :




These are some variations of stamps we have.

Document understanding can check if there is signature in given region but it may be not sufficient in this case.
I recommend to check python libraries if there is any some models for detecting stamps (maybe openCV can help). If you have a working python algorithm, you can use it by calling a python script or by creating a custom ML package in the AI Center.

Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

You could try with the Object Detection ML Model from Out of the Box packages :

You would require to train the Model with your dataset and Publish a new model version.