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Is there any way to see if a document has a signature? It will not be always the same.

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How do you do it manually? You can automate the procedure!!!

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Yes, I want to automate the procedure… So, nowadays you have a paper (with several pages) on a platform (Outsystems). A person is responsible to open this file, check if is signed or not (in more than one place) and depending on this the person must do different actions.

My struggle right now is to understand if the paper is signed since OCR doens’t read that…

It’s totally unique case I’ll say!!!

Trial and check method will apply on this for ocr or you can have human in loop who will only see if the image has signature in that by using screen shot activity to get screen shot at the last page of the content!!

I think I’ll try with a different paradigm. I’ll use “image exists” activity with with the place of signature but without any. If uipath finds the image, means that there’s no signature :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if it solves! Thanks for the help!

Makes sense as well!!!
Do let me know in case I can be of any help on this!!!

Can you send a sample file? @Catia

Hi Manish540,

Yes. Here it goes. You can find 2 spaces to signatures, I am only interested in seeing the second on (“Tomei conhecimento”)

Sample File.pdf (37.6 KB)

What is happening is I can have documents with different qualities (because the are digitalized before). So, even if I change the accuracy of detection in Image Exists activity, Uipath is not detecting correctly


Try this out!!!

Run the bot for multiple pdf’s of different DPI.
Check if the bot is finding any text after the sign “Tomei conhecimento”

If yes, you can mark it as if any text found - Signature done
Else not found

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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