Signature Recognition with uipath

How to recognize the authenticity of a manual signature using computer vision and which activity to use

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Are you looking to verify that a signature exists? Or are you looking to compare the signature to a previously submitted set?

First I want to know there is a signature there and then find out the authenticity of the signature

To find the signature, you could use ‘Find CV Element/Text’. To verify the authenticity of the signature, I’m not sure how you would go about comparing what you receive and what you have to verify with.

I have original stamp I do Image Exist with:
profile: enhanced.
I verification with pdf and only one pdf work from I do Image Exist.

stamp not text for reconition

For the moment you can’t reliably locate signatures or stamps with Find Image, and neither with CV

Is this feature on the roadmap?

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There are some feature to recognize Signatures in PDF?