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How can I check for stamp availability in PDF and verification it?

Hi @Iachimciuc,

You can use ImageExists or Element Exists activities to check if the stamp exists or not…

First, open the pdf, it will open the first page check the image exists, if not then send hot key page down, then again check for element… You can do it in a for loop

but if stamp different or rotate?

Use more if conditions… I mean, if you have 4 different variations for the same stamp, then use four different if conditions to check for all four within the loop…

That will check all the conditions…

but if rotate, how verification if image more inability matches?

I mean , use ElementExists activity as many times as required and select all the different rotated images , so that it will check for all the available rotated images

The stamp on the each document is different.

Then you have to design different workflows for different documents

I verificate for start few documents and in each document stamp not recognize with the exception of document there I does screenshoot

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Can you share the workflow if possible?

Sorry, but I can not send the process itself, but I will try to explain in more detail:

  1. I must check each contract for the presence of two signatures and the presence of a seal(samp)
  2. then select the data I need from this pdf file

You know if uipath has an activity to check the image or you can call tensorflow or OpenCV vision?

Let me explain you in details…

Assume we have the stamp to be in 4 different formats… So declare 4 variables as stampExists1, stampExists2 and so on…

In the for each loop of the pdf you are reading, use four different If conditions to check whether the stamp exists, in the first condition, select the actual stamp… In the second select the rotated and third, the another format of the image… it goes on based on your requirement…

Finally coming to select the data, use the if condition as

stampExists1 = true or stampExists2 = true or and so on… remember we are using or condition which states that, whether first or second is true, it will let you go inside the if condition.

I hope you are missing some steps in this… try this and hope you understand… Sorry for bad explanation :wink:

I understood, I poorly explained. First of all, the seal is one, but it can be located in different places and also close the text, the enumeration of similar seals will not work because the variations where they are located and how to clearly and clearly see them are more tricky, while I’m starting to understand you more simply “if” it doesn’t help

Yeah, If it is located at different locations, then use dynamic selectors so that it can locate the image wherever it is located. So, whatever may be the location and size of the image, it will check

how do it?

Check this post, this will help you to do:

This video will give you a brief on dynamic selectors:

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I don’t work with html, only with pdf

I’ll save you the trouble. You can’t locate a stamp with FindImage, and neither with CV. Maybe in the future