SQL Connection Timeout Occurs Post Upgrade

How to manage the SQL connection time out that occurs after an upgrade from 2019.04 to 2020.10 ?

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check IIS and find application "Identity" and "Webhooks" if they are stopped

Note : Manually starting "Identity" and "Webhooks" does not work. This is caused by the user account password change.

  1. For "Identity" and "Webhooks", go to Advanced Settings -> Identity -> Custom Account -> Set -> Put the updated username and password:

  1. Then reset IIS, start application "Identity" and "Webhooks".
  2. Verify the certificate validity via the following steps:
  • Check if the certificate has
    • Signature Algorithm sha25RSA ,
    • Subject- CN=correct Orchestrator domain,
    • check if the certificate is signing-capable, use bellow command :
      • certutil -v -store my your_cert_thumbprint |? { $_ -like '*KeySpec*' }
        • Result = 1 (AT_KEYEXCHANGE) or 2 (AT_SIGNATURE) indicates certificate is capable of sign in
        • Result = 0 means it is not possible to login
  • Check the appsettings.Production.json file from Orchestrator/Identity folder, the SigningCredentialSettings-> Thumbprint -> Name if it is not different from the Thumbprint/Certificate Hash of the Certificate , which should be the same

Certificate details:


Refer the appsettings.Production.json file

  • If it is different, update the appsettings.Production.json with the Thumbprint , save the file, and restart the IIS website.


Post performing the above troubleshooting steps, the first node shall respond correctly when
changing URL to machine name (from devrpa) on the following in the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config as illustrated below.