Orchestrator - Something Went Wrong While Getting Discovery Document

How to resolve when it is not possible to browse Orchestrator that throws "Something Went Wrong While Getting Discovery Document " exception ?

This is a generic error which can occur for multiple reasons:

Approach 1:

  1. Open IIS and check application "Identity", "UiPath Orchestrator" and "Webhooks", if any of them are stopped, try manually starting them ("Identity", "UiPath Orchestrator" and "Webhooks").
  2. This is caused by the user account password change. For "Identity", "UiPath Orchestrator" and "Webhooks", go to Advanced Settings -> Identity -> Custom Account -> Set -> Put the Admin or DB username and password:
  3. Reset IIS.
Approach 2: If Approach 1 gives "Current user did not login to the application!" error.
  1. Check uipath DB is logged in using the user credentials or Windows authentication.
  2. If user credential is used in DB check ~identity/appsettings.production.json and see if user credentials are used in the file, update back Application Pool -> "Identity", "UiPath Orchestrator" and "Webhooks" to Application Pool Identity.
  3. Reset IIS.
Approach 3:
  1. Go to Orchestrator server IIS -> UiPath Orchestrator site -> Bindings
  2. Edit it
  3. View Certificate
  4. Go to Details, scroll down till end Copy Thumbprint value to notepad
  5. Remove all blank spaces
  6. Paste the same in ~identity/appsettings.production.json under Name key
  7. Reset IIS.

If none of above steps help, then capture the unfiltered event viewer application logs for further investigation.
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