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Hello, im having a trouble when i try convert an Excel Spreadsheet to PDF, the activitie “Save Excel File As PDF” dont let me reference the spreadsheet to make a conversion

Hi @natanael.mendes ,

Could you try just specifying Excel in the Workbook Property and Check if it works ?

i try, didnt work

@natanael.mendes ,

Could you Try changing the value in the below manner :

Maybe after changing the property, you would need to click on the Activity again to reflect the changes. However, You can follow the image above, and update accordingly.

The activity only let me Save the entire Excel file, i wanna save only one Spreadsheet

@natanael.mendes ,

Currently, I do not think we can export the Specific Spreadsheet by name into a PDF using the Activity. However, we can specify the Pages to be Exported by Specifying the Start Page and End Page properties. Set Start Page and End Page Properties to 1. It should export only the First Spreadsheet in the Excel file.

An Alternative would be to copy only the Spreadsheet required to a Separate Excel file, and then perform Save Excel as PDF Activity on that file.

thanks alot

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