Convert each sheet from excel into individual PDF

Consider i have sheet1,sheet2 and sheet3 i want to convert each sheet into pdf ?

Hi @Ranjit_Pujari ,

Have you tried using the Save Excel File as PDF Activity ?

You would require to use this inside the Use Excel File Activity.

Let us know if you need further help.

@supermanPunch Yes but it will convert all sheets into single pdf , I want to convert different sheets with different Pdf

@Ranjit_Pujari ,

Could you Try providing the Start Page and End Page Properties as 1 and check if you are able to extract only a Single sheet as PDF ?

@Ranjit_Pujari ,

Additionally, Check the post below. It does seem to be the same requirement.

Ya we can follow that approach …As of now we dont have any option to convert single sheet to pdf
Thank You

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