Conversion from Excel to Pdf

Hi, I want to convert from excel to pdf.
Does anybody use this activity?
Please let me know, Or you have any better method which is Fast, convenient and feasible you can suggest to me.
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Hello Balkishan,

I think you can try this approach. Hope this helps

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If you this, when we use Send Hot Key event so the automatic this doted line comes on the Excel Screen, and while saving the page in .PDF it divide from this line. So it saved the pdf in two different page.
See I want complete this page in one PDF page, But if you observe this line divide into two different page of .PDF


  1. Use Read Range activity to read data from Excel and will give you output as Datatable.

  2. Then use Output Datatable activity and it will convert Datatable to string.

  3. Then use Word Application Scope activity and write that data into it. And also use Export to PDF activity inside Word Application Scope and it will convert that document into PDF file.

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Hi @lakshman which path I have to give in Word App Scope.
As OutDT is my excel data.

And in Export to what I have to give, please tell bro


Create new Word document and specify path here. And before Export to PDF activity use Append Text and pass OutDT to it. And also specify PDF file path to save it as PDF file.

create new Word Doc I have to create use the OutDT variable which activity I have to use to create word doc. I don’t see any activity to create Word Doc, Can you please write the sequence.


Just specify any word document path in Word application scope activity and it will create new Word document automatically.

Inside the Word application scope activity first use Append Text and pass that OutDT to it and then use Export to PDF to create PDF file.

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seq I followed…

Hi @balkishan,

Here is an activity to convert the Excel to PDF.


Yes, you can convert Excel to PDF using various methods. If you’re looking for an automated solution, tools like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel’s built-in “Save As PDF” feature, or online converters like Smallpdf can be very effective.

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Hope this helps!