Save Excel file as PDF activity - in a specific TAB

Hello Friends,
Hope you are doing well. I would really appreciated if you could help me with this problem.
I need to save an excel file as pdf document.
I am using “Save Excel File as PDF”

However, my excel file has several tabs

in the tab données, i have a lot of records and i want to save as pdf the information starting from the next tab… which starts at page 261. (please look at next picture below)

My question is:
1.- how i can set up this activity just to convert a specific tab if my excel file has several tabs.

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Hi @Ricchch

If your question is you have the number of sheets in the Excel but you want to convert the specific sheet in to pdf.

In this case, In save Excel file as pdf activity you have the workbook field in that field give like this Excel.Sheet(“Sheet name”).

In the place of Sheet name you can give the required sheet name in the Excel file. Then it will convert the specific sheet in to pdf only.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks @mkankatala for helping.
I still have some problems:

Really appreciated if you have any ideas or advice.

Hi @Ricchch ,

Could you check the below post which talks about a similar query :

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To export a specific tab from an Excel file to a PDF document in UiPath, you can follow an alternative approach by using the following steps:

  1. Excel Application Scope: Start by using the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open the Excel file.
  2. Select the Desired Tab: Within the Excel Application Scope, use the “Select Range” activity to specify the tab you want to convert to PDF. This activity allows you to navigate to the desired sheet within the Excel file.
  3. Copy Paste Range: Use the “Copy Selected Range” activity to copy the data from the selected tab.
  4. Write Range: Create a new Excel file (temporarily or permanently) and use the “Write Range” activity to paste the copied data into the new Excel file.
  5. Save as PDF:After pasting the data into the new Excel file, use the “Excel Application Scope” again to open the new Excel file and then use the “Export to PDF” activity from the PDF package to save the entire worksheet as a PDF document.
  6. Optional: Delete Temporary File (if used):*If you created a temporary Excel file in step 4, you can use the “Delete File” activity to remove it after saving the PDF.
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Thanks @supermanPunch for helping.
Unfortunally , i can’t modify the Excel File. I must work with it as original one…

@Ricchch ,

Methods suggested doesn’t really imply on modifying the Existing Excel sheet, you could create a copy work on it and then Create the PDF based on that. The original File would remain the same.

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Thanks @rlgandu for helping, i dont have Excel application scope 'cause i am using Modern design…

Sorry @Ricchch

Its my wrong. After use excel file use the read range activity to read the excel sheet and save it to a datatable. After that use write range workbook activity to write the datatable to dummy excel file.

After that Use excel file activity and provide the dummy excel file path. Inside this use excel file place the Save excel file as pdf activity.

Check the below workflow for your reference.

Hope it helps!!

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You can use copy sheet to copy the data to a different excel and print that as pdf and delete the file after printing

Copy/paste range also will work to copy whole sheet to another excel


Thank you very much @Anil_G

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Thank you guys @supermanPunch @mkankatala @Anil_G @rlgandu
All comment were useful… i fixed my problem :slight_smile: :v: :clap: :handshake:

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