Split Transaction_Date & transaction_time in excel

i have an excel file 2 columns is there. Comp ID,Transaction_Date

i have to split Transaction_Date into 2 columns Like Transaction_Date & transaction_time

Transaction_Date Transaction_time
3/20/2022 15:35


Can any one help ?
SplitData.xlsx (8.5 KB)

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Hello @Anand_Designer ,

  1. Read the excel file and store in a datatable.
  2. Add a column called Transaction Time using Add Column activity
  3. Use a For Each Row loop to loop through the datatable.
  4. Use 2 assign activity like this:
    CurrentRow(“Transaction_Time”)= split(CurrentRow(“Transaction_Date”)," “)(1)
    CurrentRow(“Transaction_Date”)= split(CurrentRow(“Transaction_Date”),” ")(0)

Hope this helps.

Hey @Anand_Designer

Please find the demo below,

nmnithinkrishna_SplitExcelColumns.zip (8.9 KB)


Hi its working fine, but i have more than 10 columns. the data Split Data writing in wrong cell .
how can it resolve ?

SplitData - Copy.xlsx (9.2 KB)

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Hey @Anand_Designer

Please find the updated…

nmnithinkrishna_SplitExcelColumns_v2.zip (17.9 KB)


@Nithinkrishna Thanks For given a solution

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Cool buddy @Anand_Designer


i am getting error like .


You have to give CurrentRow(“Transaction_Date”).ToString


it showing Both error like

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