Remove Time in Transaction_Date Column in excel

Hi ,
i have an excel file in that Transaction_Date Column want remove time and write
FIlterData.xlsx (8.6 KB)
date in Same sheet.

Exp— input ouput

     ->3/20/2022  12:00:00 AM         3/20/2022  

Hi @Anand_Designer

Please find the attached code done using linq

Sequence1.xaml (5.8 KB)


for read range and write range pass your same excel path

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i hope that works fr you @Anand_Designer

its working fine. in.xlsx format working fine.
but my client file is in .csv format.

(.csv Format File)

in that its writing same data(Wrong) in that column(D) . but in other column(H) its writing correctly.
why its difference in .csv Format ? i am getting issue with this.

Example in pic below

Could you share me the input CSV file @Anand_Designer

use this code in Invoke VBA Activity

Sub FormatDate()
Sheet1.Range(“D2”, “D50000”).NumberFormat = “yyyy-mm-dd”
End Sub
and set entry point as FormatDate instead of Main.

Mark this as solution, if you are able to achieve what you have expected.

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While I am trying upload .CSV file into forum it’s not allowing to upload that format.can you use same file save as in .csv extension.

@Anand_Designer Try below steps

  • Read the data from an excel (Assume excel1)
  • Remove the time from the column
  • Write the updated data to the same excel sheet (excel1)
  • Now again read data from excel (excel1) by enabling Preserve Format in Read Range activity and read to a data table


  • Now, write to CSV it should write the data with same format