Excel Text to Columns// Help me

I want to split text
Day and time coexist, but I want to leave only the date.
…UiPath is not up to date

don’t need anything except the date.

Hello @sahyunid1,

do you want to do that inside excel or with UiPath activities?

Just in Excel:

with “Text to Columns” you will overwrite E, F…

If you want to just display the date you can change it to just display the date by changing the format, the other information will still be in the cell though.

If you want to just get the date you can e.g. use an extra column and use the formula mid or left.

You could use a macro

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HI @lukas.gamper

You can try with the text to column activity in the modern excel activities

Hope this helps!


Can I just leave the date? Is there any other way?

Is there any other way to solve it without invading other places?

Hello @sahyunid1,

with VBA macros or online with scripts.

an example VBA could be:

Sub removeTime()

    Dim idxRow As Integer
    Dim varSplit As Variant
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    Set ws = ActiveSheet
    For idxRow = 2 To ws.UsedRange.Rows.Count
        varSplit = Split(ws.Cells(idxRow, 1).Value, " ")
        ws.Cells(idxRow, 1).Value = varSplit(0)
    Next idxRow
    Set ws = Nothing

End Sub

Kind Regards

Edit: Grammar

Umm… I’m sorry I can’t use what you told me.
I’m new to VBA…

Hi @sahyunid1 ,

First of all read that excel file as data table. Keep it in for each loop and use the split condition for column ‘A’ as per the requirement. And append the output in another sheet or workbook. It will give the expected output.

Or You can use VBA or VBs scripts.

Pavan Kumar

Hello @sahyunid1,

how do you want to solve it? VBA, Scripts in Excel online or via UiPath?

If we know how you want to solve it, we can help you a lot better. I can provide a guide to help with VBA, Scripts, UiPath like a lot of the other people here too :slight_smile: but we need to know which way you want it to be solved.

Just with excel formulas wont be possible without creating another column.

Kind Regards

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