Need help in excel column split

Hi Everyone,

I’m facing an issue in excel split, I have a column it is having multiple rows of data i want to split it into multiple columns.
I’m attaching my excel. it have sample data and output also.

If Temp value is empty i need to write it as Ownset

Sample file split.xlsx (16.7 KB)

Can anyone guide me which formula i need to use there to get that kind of output

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Hey @Learner007

Use the for-each row to iterate rows & you can do the below inside loop !

You can please pass the below into De-serialize Json activity & set the TypeArgument to DataTable

"{" + str_RowData.Replace(Environment.Newline,",") + "}"


Hi @Nithinkrishna

I’m getting some error I’m doing something wrong here can you correct me.

when surrounding with { } we will not get a valid JSON as the property names / String values also need to be quoted

We can use regex e.g.

and referring to the groups:


As mentioned above we can also do it line by line and will split it before with vbLF

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Thanks @ppr by using this regex code, i made a flow with few more activities. It is working.

Hey @Learner007

In the output property of the De-serialize activity use a data table variable please.


Sure @Nithinkrishna i will try that

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Cool buddy @Learner007 :+1:

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