Split text separated by space and tab

I have a text file attached. what I want is to index the words, the problem is that each word can be separated from the other by space or several space or by tabulation.
the goal is to index them and put them in a new text file

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  • Use Match Activity with pattern \d.
  • Use for each loop
  • Assign the required value
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a few example please.

Please check this.

test.xaml (6.7 KB)

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thanks a lot can you show me the scrren shot of your process , due to the version that I have i cant see the actvivities under the Match activity.

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See the below screenshot. And use the pattern “[a-z]+”


thank you

that work, but the problem I have is that there is some word like "TVA nature " must be in one words ?

any help on that case please

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Use this pattern “[a-z]+_[a-z]+”

thanks, I want to mention something the under scores between words just to design the number of space,

because I cant upload a text file on Forum uipath.

so the "_ " equals " "

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Then you can use “[a-z ]+” (Added space)

that not work, thanks anayway :slight_smile:

Then you can use “[a-z]+\s[a-z]+”


thanks man

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Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello @Vivek_Arunagiri,

I’ll do that but how am I going to cut this chain, because it exposes compound words, like “VAT nature” and other not, like “Amount” at the same time

thanks alot

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Okay… Got it… We need to use Question mark for Space.


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still have some words that contain " . " between like “Ana. key”

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