Split text with large spaces inbetween

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I have been looking for resolution to capture all text, separated by several spaces (so there are fields separated with just a single space, which need to remain as two words) before and after every field. I’m using RegEx Builder.

The Whitespace option in RegEx Builder makes all the text one long line, and another post showed this suggestion “[a-z]+\s?[a-z]+”, but it also didnt help.

The text typically looks like this:

" NOT LOGGED IN General Retailer "

I have used the Replace activity, as I wanted to replace all unused spaces, should I be using Matches rather?

Hi @herman
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Did you want to get finally like this

Then refer this workflow
Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

Hope it helps you

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Nived N
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Hi Nived,

Thank you - and I just made one small amendment
to split script, by adding an additional space,
so that it would only separate words with 2 or
more spaces.


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