I have a array of string in which words are to be separated by space

Q045948 05052018 30042019 22 2304.000
J045948 05062018 30042019 22 2304.000

In the above example of array of string the list may go long in the said pattern i want to pick up ‘each word’ in my variable and display it in a message box

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Hi @NikhilNagda,

Please refer this post.

Hi @NikhilNagda,

take a look at this .xaml
test.xaml (6,1 KB)


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Hi i am getting error, can you temme which activity you have used there?


Split String activity is used.

The error is because package is not installed or updated.
Click on Manage packages on the top of activities pane and install package.

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Hi Thanks @Pablo_Sanchez and @SaranyaKishore for the help but, i forgot to mention the lenght of the white spaces are not fixed. they always vary

You can use below expression

new System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex(“\s+”).Split(“Q045948 05052018 30042019 22 2304.000”)

This will return array of string, you can print each string in message box using loop or store it.

As @Bharat mentioned, regex is much easier way to use.

A slight modification to this expression will work fine.
Assign it to String Array variable.


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