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Hi Everyone, I have a scenario that i want to split data separately but i have tried split based on space and i tried some basic Regex which i know but it didn’t worked for me. can anyone guide me how to do that.
I’m attaching the sample data below.

I want output in row by row

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Input file :

data.txt (1.0 KB)

Hi @Learner007
Can you share input and output example?

Hi @Emira i attached input text file in question please check once and output also i have mentioned i need to display 1 by 1 item.

Hi @Learner007

Try this


strOutput =

Regex.Replace(InputText," {2,}" ,Environment.NewLine)
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Smart answer :+1:

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hi @kumar.varun2 it is working but if i want to loop this data 1 by 1 how to do it. Please help me on this.


you can use the split for that


Demo.xaml (9.2 KB)

Thanks @kumar.varun2 It’s working.

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Hi expert can you please help me to understand what is meaning here {2,}

Hi @Aleem_Khan

It matches occurrence of space character for 2 or more times. Refer the screenshot

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