Split from keyWord

How to take only a certain number of lines to read a pdf file?
I have an input keyword. It is necessary to search through matches for some number in the interval of 5 lines BEFORE the key word and 5 lines AFTER the keyword. Help me please

If you want to use Get PDF Text, then you will need to make sure it will return all line breaks, if the do, you split that text using Environment.NewLine and use the array methods to find the keyword, then you will know the index of the lines you need to use…

If I want check rows 1-15 и 17-22 ( without one row which I know) what I will do?

I agree with bcorrea. Get PDF Text will natively get the data. You can add that to the attached XAML file to find a specific number within the range around the searched text.

Find Value.zip (17,1 Ko)

Not. Not so understood.
I need range without one row in middle.

You can add “AndAlso RangeNum <> LineNum” to the statement that looks for the search number. That will skip the line on which the text was found.

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.
Showed only 1 part

@RPA3 Can you send us the Text File After reading the PDF, and Can you tell us Why do you want to Skip the 16th Line, Does it Contains Something Always , So we can use it as the Key to Skip the Record