How to read only particular pages from PDF

Assume total 10 pages having in my pdf file,but i want to read particular pages from it, like 1,3,7,9,how can i achieve this functionality,please help me.

@gsrinivas,create an array of integers and use for each and try?

can you please elaborate with example

pdfRead.xaml (6.0 KB)
Try in this format and check?Not sure if this works

thanks sreekanth, i tried it and not getting. the same aggregate exception is occurred.i will try all the ways.if you get answer please post me.

We got the solution. In Input range text box we can take as “item.ToString” instead of “ string”,working fine now.

That was my mistake placing values in foreach instead of item.tostring

can we have option to use the Input “Range” in properties without using for each?