PDF File reading and extract specific sentence containing the key words

I want extract data from a vendor manual and I have specific key word list. Is there any way to automate read pdf file and write following out put to Excel?

  1. page no and line no that contains keyword
  2. extract the sentence that contains keyword


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Read_PDF_WF.xaml (46.3 KB)
Here we go!

  1. Read the pdf with the read pdf activity

  1. Split(pdfText,Environment.NewLine(0))(5) - This sentence means that I an splitting in lines and taking the fifth line.
    *note that this factura variable is a string array

  2. If you wanto to extract just some values you can find an index word in this case KW, ten characters after that specific words and taking 23 caractes of it.

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Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: .

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why do i get this error ?

Hi @Mili_Rajakaruna

because you don’t have that activity installed

please goto:


and install

I would recomend to install all packages for now in order to test this solution, please install just this one and later you can install them all.


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All good. this solved the problem and had install Microsoft activity package as well. Thank you @beesheep

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Amazing! its a pleasure to help, come back soon.


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I get this error :frowning: