How to Extract some specific line from pdf

Hii Pls help ASAP!!

I have a pdf which i have stored the pdf text into string variable.

I want to extract the whole line where Approval number keyword is present

looks similar to your other case, right?

yess but i am facing one problem. In a list i am getting the whole string present in a pdf.

So I am not able to iterate over the lines of pdf

can you check following:

myList = strPDFText.Split({Environment.NewLine}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).toList

What this will do?

it will split the pdf text by the LineBreak into a list => each line 1 item in the list

@Doonline Can you share the text file here? I think you can use regex to extract the entire line.

Thank you so much

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