Split datatable in to smaller batches using ReFramework

My Challenge: Internal website starts to become slow to load after processing 100 items from an xlsx document


Using the ReFramework

-Read original input xlsx doc to get total number of datarows to process (normally over 10000 rows to process)
-Split input .xlsx in to batches of 100 rows

  • Log in to site
  • Process each item in current batch
  • Log out
  • increment to next batch

What i have tried:

I currently have a basic workflow completing the above in a loop however, the internal website I need to interact with throws so many exceptions that it’d be more reliable to move this process to the ReFramework.

Initially the data to process is captured from an internal .xlsx document (dtInput), so i read this in an initial sequence and calculate the number of batches to process (as per intBatchSize = 100).
I then assign intNumberOfBatches = Convert.ToInt32(<Math.Ceiling(dtInput.Rows.Count / intBatchSize))

Within the next sequence i have:

Login workflow…

for each batch in Enumerable.Range(0,intNoOfBatches).toList
RowSet = dtInput.AsEnumerable.skip(batch*intBatchSize).Take(intBatchSize).toList
This basically removes the rows that have already been ‘worked’ from the dt

//Take the contents of next batch from RowSet list & copy to dt:
dtRowSet = RowSet.CopyTodataTable

For each item in RowSet
//Process accordingly

Log out workflow

Apologies i can’t upload my existing workflow as it contains internal data, but can any one help transform this in to using the reframework?

Thank you in advance


Check out this video. Using ReFramework with Datatable|Transaction item as data row|#vajrangtalks|#uipath - YouTube
It shows you how to convert the RE Framework to use a data row as the transaction item instead of a Queue item. This will allow you to use the built in retries for each data row instead of splitting them into batches.

Thanks for posting the link to the video. I’ve already managed to update the ReFramework to use datarow rather than queue items, but I really need to process to log out & back in again after 100 items (as the website just becomes so slow to interact with).
Thanks though

Try adding a counter to the process state with your login and logout sequences.

If(counter mod 100 = 0) then logout and log back in.

The mod function here returns the remainder of counter/100. So every 100 transactions, the logout and login sequence would be performed.

Ahh well that makes a lot of sense! I think I was over complicating it in my head. Ha!
Thats great though, i’ll give it a go - thank you :slight_smile:

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