Split CSV File into multiple files according to File Size

Hi Team,

I need your help regarding below problem.

For example : I will receive a csv file.( File size is unknown to me). I have to upload the same in an application. But i cant upload a file having filesize more than 1 MB at a time so i want to split the original file into multiple files(each file either same or less than 1 MB). Header should be present in child files same as parent file. Please help me with the best solution.

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Hi @Diva_P

What rows count basis it should split into multiple Files?


@Diva_P - I would suggest to check this post…

Here I(Referenced ppr’s post) have split the 200 rows in each file…instead you can change it/play with 500 or 1000 etc etc until you get 1MB mark.

Hope this helps…

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Thank you @prasath17. I will check the above and will update here.

Hi @pravin_calvin . Actually we have a limitation like we can upload a file with max 16k records at a time.

Thank you.

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