Excel automation: Splitting into multiple new excel sheet depend on column A

Dear All,

What I want to do is, splitting into multiple excel csv sheet by reading main purchase order.csv.

My criteria is that: By reading the main file, excel files are splitted into multiple csv files which also seperate as in following image


let me know any suggestion how can i achieve that one. many thanks

you can use default view concept
in assign activity

assign below code to respective datatable variable.


you can pass column name from main datatable as require in new table

true return distinct records
false return all the records


Hi Mahanta,

i am still not very clear on your idea, can you please provide me sample xaml if you are available?

2106ExcelTask.xlsx (14.4 KB) Main.xaml (7.1 KB)

.here i spited data from sheet 1 to sheet 2 and sheet 3

Hi Mahanta,

Thanks for your solution, btw do you know how to create new excel files for write range in these splited excels.

No need to create excel manually, its automatically create in default project path if you are use write range activity .

Hi Mahanta,

thanks for your solution.=, however, i need to split to new excel files if PO Number is changed.
Can you please suggest more?
Here is my xml and data .

Split_Excel.xaml (17.6 KB)