Separate excel file if data have > 200 rows?

I want to check data if data have >200 row —> separate sheet data 1-200 row , 201-400 ,until end.

But if data <200. not change file

input.xlsx (11.8 KB)

output :
input_1.xlsx (9.3 KB)
input_2.xlsx (9.3 KB)
input_3.xlsx (7.9 KB)

@fairymemay - Please check this post…and try as mentioned…

@prasath17 How to apply this code?

@fairymemay - Have you downloaded the xaml file?

@fairymemay - I have found another thread where PPR provided different approach … (48.1 KB)

Run this workflow as is, you will see 3 files will be created in the project folder…I have just added couple of steps and created the output…

Here is the reference to the post…

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