Spinning wheel

Please advise how to capture spinning icon as the web page is loading? Trying to add
Code to wait until this spinning wheel disappears.

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Hi @A_Learner

There are many possibles solutions

  1. Use an element exist then make a do while, the main idea is to loop through the do while with the element exist activity to check until the element disappear

  2. Using the Check App State State with the Element to disappear option, it will wait until the spinning wheel disappear and then perform the necessary actions

  3. Using the propertie Wait for page load in all the activities set to complete, it will also wait until the page loads completly


BTW: we have also another options with classic activities

Hope one of the above helps in your requirement


Thank you @fernando_zuluaga

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it depends on the details, which you need to analyze

  • a few loading spinners are displayed / not displayed by CSS Styles (in majority set on upper parent element)

    • so, the element will always exist/appear, but will not give information if it is displayed or not
    • in such cases we check the status triggering details / e.g an attribute value
  • also keep in mind, that it takes usually a little time after an action (e.g. a click) and the display of the loading spinner. So a too-quick check will fail as the remaining displayed loading spinner will be rated as already done and set to non-display status. Her we just delay a little bit the check to get a chance for catching the loading spinner

Some loading spinners are hard to catch/analyzed for the selector engineering. In such cases, the Browser F12 Webbtools can helpt when checking the network traffic and looking for the loading spinner image. With the file name we can search more within the source code

Sometimes we also manipulate the javascript code handling the loading spinner e.g. with debug / brakpoints (Browser F12 Webtools). So we have a control on the loading spinner appearance and get our needed time for anaylsis and selector engineering


Thank you! Like you mentioned I was not able to get element information. Also F12 does not work. So adding an approximate delay.

Thank you for the different approaches.

Great answers!

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