Element Exsists or Find Element or On Element Appear does not seem to work when Browser loading with the Elements still present in the Background

The Element Exists or Find Element or On Element Appear does not seem to be working in a case where the Browser keeps loading with a slow spinning grey circle, Since these elements are present in the Background, so on usage of any of the above activity its returning true and workflow continues to execute giving error data.

Is there a way to identify the slow spinning grey circle on the Web Portal until it is fully loaded on screen, since using any of the Element Activities on the screen is giving false results as output.

Adding a Delay Activity is solving the issue, but it completely slows down the UI Automation part as there are multiple pages to go through in the Web Portal. Is there any Activity in Uipath which can recognize the time spinning grey circle.

Trying the below options to check if the cursor busy works

@mailsmithash Have you Set the WaitForReady property for those activities to COMPLETE and Checked if that works?

Yes, since these UI elements are already in the Background , the flow continues which is not correct, since the Page load is not complete as in the foreground of the Page a spinning grey circle is seen until the Page is loaded.

@mailsmithash In that Case, have you checked with On Element Vanish Activity?

Should I use the OnElementVanish activity on the spinning grey circle ?

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@mailsmithash Yes, Can you try doing that and revert back.

Tried using On Element Vanish, getting a selector for the spinning circle as below

Getting an Activity Timeout Error each time, though i set the Timeout Value to 30,000 or 300000 milliseconds. RepeatForever as ‘True’

Attached is the properties settings.

Wait Element Vanish Acivity is working and solving the issue. Thanks
Getting a selector for the spinning element as given below

webctrl isleaf=‘1’ tag=‘DIV’ parentclass=‘spinner-wrapper spinner-section-far-wrapper ng-hide’ idx=‘3’


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