Cannot extract data from SAP table , cannot indicate selector

Hi I have a SAP Dislplay Table i need to extract but seems like i cannot get the selector from extract tabel , also cannot save it directly from SAP ,

any idea why this happens and what dhould i do to get the data in excel format?

thank you

usually tables have an export table as excel option, something like this

or this

for the 1st one you can use sap select menu item activity
for 2nd one you can use sap click toolbar activity

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i canot find any button like so

can i see screenshot of your sap screen?

you can also try right click the table and see if theres export option

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also cannot find any,
im afraid i cannot share any

can you post screenshot of sap screen

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Hi Guys i will be using screen scrapping on classic version , seems like it can work,

thanks for the help

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