Specific Requirement for folder structure

I have worked on one of the use case where i am moving the excel file in one folder but rather than I need to update this logic , let say if i would get 10 excel files then i need to divide the count of file and move the file in 1 , 2 and 3 folders , then if 1 folder contains 3 files and i am adding the data into queue , then these queue item should be processed on Bot 1 only and 2nd queue item should be processed on bot 2 only and so on.

Thanks in Advance for suggesting a solution…

@mittal.abhishek What is the challenge that you are facing?

Please clear the question.
How many folders you need to make at max?
How many number of bots are available for processing?
What is it you are trying to achieve by segregating them into different folders?

– 3 Folders (Folder1, Folder2 , Folder3)
– Process would run on 3 bots
– Actually I need to hit Printing command so If I am reading Folder 1 file those files should run on Bot 1 Printer only and Folder 2 files should go on Bot 2 Printer only & so on folder 3.

Please let me know if the requirement is clear

Actually, bot is giving command on single printer only but i need if there are 3 folders then it should go under 1 folder should go under bot 1 printer only & 2 folder should go under bot2 printer only and so on 3 folder file.