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There is situation, where there are some 100 PDF files are available and bot are running and executing those files, let’s say 5 files has added at the runtime, so how to make sure that BOT should process those 5 files as well?

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Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari,

What comes to my mind at first is "By adding their details into queue through a dispatcher process.


But dispacther sends all the data to queues, but here data is keep on adding .

This will not work in this scenario.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari,

In my view, it will.

Make dispatcher a separate process, which will keep on checking if new data is added on regular intervals and then add those data items to the queue.

Meanwhile performer process is running and processing data from queue one by one.


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Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

you can read the names of the pdf files and save them into Excel. And then every time you run your bot you read the files from the folder and checks if all files are already in the Excel file or not.
If yes → don’t do anything.
If no (there is a new PDF file) → So get this file and create a queue item. And write the name in the Excel file.

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