Multi bot Architecture Explain

HELP !!!

can Somebody Explain 'Multi bot Architecture"

suppose i have excel containing 20000 records, i have to use 3 bots for completing 20000 records using Queue.
how should i do it ?

Hi @Ankit2 ,

To achieve the above you have to follow the Performer and Dispatcher model the follows as follows

You have to create two BOT’s
BOT 1(Dispatcher BOT): Read Excel data and insert it into Queues

BOT 2(Performer BOT): The second bot will get the queue data where the status is new and process the business logic. The BOT 2 you can trigger in 3 machines so that each bot will get data from the queue and process the business logic.

Please refer to know more about Performer and Dispatcher. Performer and dispatcher - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

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