How to get files from two different BOTS into one dynamic folder


I have a scenario,

i have two BOTs

BOT1- check for email download attachment and make a PDF file and store in in a folder(With subject name and date)

BOT2- receive the status from queue of PDF file of BOT 1 and gives the jason file.,Here BOT2 runs every 10 seconds.

So basically i have two different BOTS one run continuously and the other runs at interval
and both gives file Jason and PDF respectively (stores in their respective dynamic folders)

My question here is how can i get both the files at one place for further processing.

And each set of PDF and Jason file should be in different dynamic folders in order to further process them as i have to run python script using both the files.


you can Set the dynamic folder path into Queue output of BOT1 and as you are getting the status from Queue of PDF file of BOT1 the same way you can get the dynamic folder path, so that you can save thre json file of BOT2 into the same dynamic folder path.

thanks @Arpit_Kesharwani for your reply.

actully whatever you explained sounds kind of solution but it will be something new for me.

so can you please elaborate a bit for me to understand how can i Set the dynamic folder path into Queue output of BOT1.


Please refer below screenshot for more clarification.
BOT-1 In Set Transaction Activity you have to set the output collection as well along with the status.
In your case you have to use dynamic folder path in output collection.

The resultant will look like below into Orchestrator Queue Item details:

Consume this Output Data in BOT 2 as below: