Specific action for downloading a certain .xslx file from a download link and read it

I would like to automate a use case called “Create Requisition
So basically this is how it works, a web service will pass a download link for an .xslx file, and inside this file, there will be rows and columns that consist of certain items, the robot will then read the data inside the file and use this data as a basis for the requisition creation. After doing so, the robot will create a requisition.

I would just like to know if there’s a specific action where I can use this certain downloaded .xslx file from the download link and read it

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Hello @UiP_Mc,
If there is no customized packages for it then only way is to build robot which will download excel, read the data, get the necessary data from cells and pass them for further job.

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Hi Pablito, thanks for this. I just want to know, is it possible to read the downloaded .xslx and read it? I mean I’m supposed to have different .xslx, is it possible to make the .xslx being read as dynamic? Assuming that I’m downloading different kinds of .xslx

By reading excel I meant that you need to use Read Range activity and keep data in DataTable type of variable. This also means that this variable will keep those data which were in your excel file at the moment when activity was reading it. So if data in the excel file are ‘dynamic’ you need to read them each time you want to have newer data. Hope I didn’t mixed up here :smiley:

Oh I get it now, but I was referring to the entire file being dynamic, not the data inside.
So basically, I will be downloading a handful of .xslx file, for example:
FirstFile.xslx, SecondFile.xslx, ThirdFile.xslx, and so on, because these will be considered as different requisition numbers.
So there’s a field in Read Range like SheetName and Workbook Path, right? I was worried about the part where I will fill those certain fields. Is there like a code or command wherein I could “Read Range” the downloaded file?
Hope this one makes it more clearer. :grinning:

EDIT: Sorry, I must’ve misunderstood. But were you saying that I should put all the downloaded file’s data in one DataTable and take the data from that certain DataTable?

Read Range activity is reading a particular sheet from excel file. In this activity you have possibility to keep the data in variable as DataTable type. What I meant was that if you are working with many .xlsx files you need to use Read Range separately for each of the file/sheet and then handle with each ‘variable’ (DataTable) to exclude particular data which you will use further in other actions.

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Thanks for this, Pablito! :smiley:

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Also, Pablito, if it’s not too much to ask do you guys have a specific course material for working with Excel files? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunate there’s no specific training strictly related for Excel. But after end of Level 1 training you can check our forum for some closes/solved topics to get some ideas from other user’s issues/questions.

This may help :wink:

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