How to use the downloaded excel file from web in excel application scope path

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I need to download the excel from the web(from a specific URL) and i need to use that to perform activities(Excel Application Scope). My issue is how to give the dynamic path in excel application scope. i.e how to use the downloaded file

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if you dont know the downloaded files name, you can do this

fileName = Directory.GetFiles(FOLDER_PATH,"*.xlsx*").OrderByDescending(Function(d) New FileInfo(d).CreationTime)(0)

where FOLDER_PATH = the download folder
and .xlsx is the extension, (you can change it to your own extension)

now you can use fileName in excelApplication scope

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Thanks much Jack.

But i am not getting it.

I used this FileName=Directory.GetFiles(Downloads,“.xlsx”).OrderByDescending(Function(d) New FileInfo(d).CreationTime)(0)

May i now what variable should be used for Filename?

Downloads needs to be a variable

then set it to be the folder that the file to downlaod to
e.g. if file is downloaded to “C:\Downloads”

then before this
add one more assign statement
Downloads = "C:\Downloads"

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Thanks Jack.

But still i receive the below error.

nono dont put c:\downloads, thats just an exmaple

when you download this file, which folder is it downloaded to?? put that folder path instead of c:\downloads

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I need to work on the file which is from downloads only

so it will download to the “Downloads” folder right?

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Yes, you are correct.

then assign this to Downloads variable


replace USERNAME with your own windows username

Hello @sharu_priya

First of all if you are using Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Downloads”) , it will give you the list of files names. So the out variable should be a string array.

Theyn you need to use a for each loop to loop through each file and that value you need to pass to excel scope. You can refer to the below post to get more clarity.

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