Downloading an excel file and running it through a website

I am trying to create an automation to download an excel file off a website; then I want the robot to use that same excel file to search each of our members and toggle a button if it’s not checked. (the lines in excel can vary from 100 lines to 8000 lines). How could I set that up? Should the bot download the file or set it as a variable after the download? Also, how could I have the automation check for how many lines are on the excel page and ensure it goes through each line every time?

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Hey @Primal

You can use the following approach as per your requirement:

  1. Download the excel file, rename it & save it in the pre-assigned destination.
  2. Read the same file as you already know the pre-specified destination. Save the output data table variable.
  3. Iterate through the data table variable for each member & toggle the button.
  4. To check the number of lines present, you can get the result using ‘dtName.Rows.Count’.
  5. If you want to check the status of each line every time, Either you can add a ‘Status’ column to the sheet right after reading it & updating the row in every iteration, or you can log the status as per.

Hope this helps.


Hello @Primal
Try this

  1. Use the Wait Download activity and use click activity in it (Clicking the download button).
  2. Assign variable for the Download file, like DownloadedExcel.
  3. Pass the variable to read range workbook like DownloadedExcel.Fullname and Output as DT Variable
  4. Use Log message to count the row by using DT.Rows.Count.Tostring

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