"Sort Data Table" activity not sorting

I added the “Sort data table” activity to sort dates in descending order. It has recently stopped sorting the “date” column in my excel sheet. The format of the cells is “date”. Does anyone know why it will not sort the date column anymore?
sort table

currently we cannot refer to the details or derive it from the description

the values visually presented in EXCEL are not mandatory stored in the same way / format within the datatable

in such cases we would inspect the datatable

maybe also analyze on formats and parsing options

and give a try on sorting with a LINQ


check The format of the date column is correct or not . Make sure that the date column is formatted as a date. You can check this by right-clicking on the column header and selecting “Format Cells”. If the format is not set to “Date”, then change it to “Date” and try sorting again.

Thank you

Thank you, for responding! it’s been resolved. It is working now. I wanted it to “Ascend” not “Descend”. Please disregard my question.