Sort column from newest to largest


I am a column where I have date:

I’d like to sort it by newest to largest. For example,


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Hey @RPA_Path

Try with any of the below activites,


Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

I tried with this but it doesn’t work with the zero’s. If I remove the zero’s then it works. I tried to remove the zero’s from the column but was unable to.

@RPA_Path Please find the below workflow (9.2 KB)

please find the output below


@RPA_Path Enable preserve format in Read Range

I read my data table from a .csv

@RPA_Path I am not getting any 0’s while reading from the CSV. can you share the sample CSV that you have

Please find the updated workflow (2.3 KB)

I believe once you append to the already existing datatable/excel file it adds the 0s.

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Once I append it to an excel file after reading it from a csv file, it writes the data table from .csv file as text

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Hey @RPA_Path

You need to remove zero from the datatable rows right ?


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