Something wrong when extracting link from website using Extract Datatable

When I use ‘Extract Data Table’ to extract some announcements’ names and links, at the beginning, it shows that there are links but when I extract it, it is null.
one more thing, when I use right click to search the link, it only has options including ‘Back’, ‘Forward’, ‘Reload’, and so on, without anything like ‘save link as’ or ‘Open Link in new Tab’.


Right click and inspect the element from where you want to extract…if it is a A tag then it can extract…else it might be using a backend javascript


I can find the link like this:

But I don’t know how to extract it (because when I use ‘edit extract data’, it cannot catch the whole row. Dose it have any methods that I can catch that?


You can use find children filter with webctrl tag=‘A’ and the scope should be FIND_DESCENDANTS to get all the hyperlinks inside the table.


I see a a tag at the bottom…

If that is where link is you would get…

But if link is in tr then use findchildren and indicate whole table

Then filter give as <webctrl tag='tr' />

Then use get attribute in loop and get each link